Stripes and Leather

Dear Kelsey,

Lately I’ve been playing with props in my photos, like the leaf in my hair and the leaves in my face. Then I decided a tree branch would make an appearance, except it wouldn’t go in my hair so I didn’t know what to do with it.

So this is my new striped shirt. I now own two! I got one from a swap, and this one is from Ann Taylor during a ridiculously good sale. $6 well spent. I’m also wearing my ancient Talbots scarf, Gap skirt, and Jeffrey Campbell boots (other colors).

I can’t believe how long the warm weather’s been holding, but I’m definitely enjoying it!



  1. says

    Alex, I am envious of your warm weather. Like, for realzies. I am also envious of your boots, and your skirt, and that awesome striped top. But I am most especially envious of that delicious looking pomegranate in your IG pics!

  2. says

    This is a wonderful outfit, Alex! Love the props. Sometimes I wish that I could just fill my purse with random props. I’m convinced it could only make day-to-day life more entertaining.

  3. Lydia Abate says

    Seems like the warm weather will be leaving soon… but anything would be better than the rain I’ve been having all day! well, since Monday… I’m so sick of it.
    Loving the new stripes, for $6, how could you not?

    • says

      I  think I wouldn’t wear this skirt nearly as much if it were a mini or a pencil skirt. I think it’s a little bit more forgiving and comfortable than those styles. Maybe you could start with one in a similar shape!