Again and Again and Again and Again

Monday 17 Jan 2011

Last week I really went sort of… extremely minimal on styling.  I did take a few photos with lace from a slip sticking out of my dress.  Better with or without?

And!  Finally!  A better photo of the vintage Coach bag that belonged to my grandmother.  It’s been hiding out in my closet for years.  I never carried it because I didn’t want to clean out the things inside: an old blue pen, tissues, some loose change, a Trident gum wrapper, and a change purse I can remember my grandmother having forever.  I didn’t want to discard any of those memories so I kept everything.  I left the pen and gum wrapper in the back pocket and tucked the change purse away somewhere safe (where it won’t disintegrate).  This is perhaps the most personal thing I have ever revealed on this style blog.  Now you know why– I’m extremely oversentimental.

I’ve worn this dress so many times and photographed it at least four now for the blog.  It’s an old old favorite from Commander Salamander (so old it’s from when Commander Salamander used to be good) in Georgetown.  And yes, I totally looked like a fool walking into that store.

Love, Alex
Commander Salamander dress, A.C. Moore belt (from leather for jewelry), HUE tights, Target boots, vintage Coach bag.

Nov 2010 on an unseasonably warm day.

Sept 2010 in one of my first DSLR photos.

March 2010 on a deceptively sunny and warm looking day.

Edit:  Sorry about the weird formatting.  I thought I would do something cool and caption the photos but weird things keep happening with them.

Edit 2:  I think I fixed it, but it still isn’t how I intended.  Oh well.


  1. Amanda says

    That’s a great dress, and I’m a big fan of the Hue tights. As for sentimentality … we just moved my grandmother from her apartment in NY out to LA, and I saved a lotto ticket I found in one of her purses, because I know one day that’s what I’m going to want to have to remember her. So, yeah, totally understand.

    • says

      Thank you! Glad to hear I’m not the only who likes to keep small and ordinary things to remember people by! My grandmother like to play the lottery every week, I didn’t remember that until just now :)

  2. Anonymous says

    SUCH a great dress. It deserves to be worn a million times over. And the bag is fantastic. I can certainly understand not wanting to get rid of the things inside. A woman’s purse is so personal. When it’s a loved ones, it feels like you’re peaking into a moment in their lives. I’m glad you’re pulling this ol’ gal out.

  3. says

    Definitely yes to the lace peeking out! I love this dress – it’s no wonder you’re constantly wearing it. That bag is gorgeous, and I think it’s great that you’re so sentimental. I’m the same way. :D

    • says

      Sometimes I think I wear this dress too much but it’s one of my few go-to pieces so I don’t really mind. I’m currently on a mission to get more slips with decorative lace at the bottom so they can stick out of skirts/dresses! Free People has some nice ones but they are $$$$ so I’m hoping to find vintage!