What to Wear When Fall Feels More Like Summer

outfit photos - wearing a foxcroft blouse and anthropologie skirt in union square

Dear Silvergirl,

Sometimes it can be hard to dress for fall when the weather is definitely favoring summer. I rolled up the sleeves of my blouse to try to keep cool, but I definitely still ended up melting in the humidity. I even pulled my hair back because it became too fluffy. 

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madison square new york bokeh

Bokeh just for fun. Have a wonderful week!



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    It’s been a bit tricky on this side of the country, too–I put on a light scarf this morning because it was all gloomy, but now it’s mostly sunny and around 75. It’s been yo-yoing like this and won’t commit to anything! I feel like I want to rewear the same few in-betweeny garments until it gets properly cold and gloomy. You still look nice and crisp in this white shirt! I wouldn’t guess about the humidity at all from your pics.

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    This is a challening season for sure Alex, One day it is cool, one day it is warm , and often it is 14 degrees coolor on one side of the sidewalk! I tend to wear whatever I will be comfortable in INSIDE the place I am going next ( mostly places are cool to cold) and I dress in layers, to be sure. I love your anthropolgie skirt and overall style, of course!
    XX, Elle