That’s Just My Crazy Old Aunt…

September 18, 2011

Last Sunday there was a birth in the family, and I expected to be in the delivery room. However, the baby came very suddenly on Sunday morning — the birth was estimated for the afternoon — so I arrived afterwards. And then one of my (so-called) friends informed me that I was man repelling like a champion. That I most emphatically cannot deny.

This baby is going to have way too many crazy aunts.

And I’m pretty sure that everyone in the hospital thought I was a crazy too, considering that I was at New York-Presbyterian/Weil Cornell.

The best photo ever. So angry!

Francesca’s Collections cardigan thing, ZARA shirt, Talbots scarf, leopard skirt c/o Lulu’s from Blogger’s Night Out, Foley + Corinna bag, Cole Haan shoes.


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    Omg, that baby photo= sooo good! hahaha  Also, when I saw this post title I was expecting to see a picture of a crazy old lady, lol.  Love all the ways you’ve been styling your leopard maxi!

    • says

      Um, I’m pretty sure everyone thought I was a crazy old lady. Especially at Cornell Presbyterian, where every baby born in that hospital is discharged with a Ralph Lauren onesie! 

      But seriously, I think that baby is going to say that about me one day… I look forward to it! 

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    I’m so looking forward to being the weird “aunt” when my friends start having children! I grew up with two fantastic weird “aunts” in addition to my actual relatives, and they gave me the coolest presents and were basically the ladies I wanted to grow up to be, hah. I bet you’ll be a good crazy aunt to that baby right there. You’ll be stylish-crazy, too!

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      I am totally counting on being the weird aunt. When I’m sort of grandmother age, I want to be the kind of weird aunt like the aunts from Practical Magic are! 

      And I want to gift all the clothes I’ve saved to the younger generations. Getting clothes still makes me happy, especially if I know the person they’re from!