Broadway is Dark Tonight

Dear Francy,

One minute Nnenna and I were dashing around Flatiron, giggling like mad over our Zara purchases– and the next it was practically the blue hour. At barely eight o’clock we stopped on the corner of Broadway to take a few photos.

What happened to the light? What happened to the whole summer? I didn’t even get to make a list of things to do and now it’s over already. I suppose fall all is the best season in New York anyway, but so much more seems to happen in the summer. Of course there’s Fashion Week in New York, but somehow that seems to take up the entire fall season, even though I know it’s really not true. …

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Pink Trench and Pink Denim

Dear Mia,

So I think you should get pink pants, too. Extra points if they perfectly match your hair.

These are the DL1961 Emma Legging Jeans in Flamingo. I love that the color is called flamingo. They’re lightweight and the seam on the wasitband doesn’t rub my skin off. However, DL1961 jeans are supposed to have magical technology so they don’t sag, bag, or lose shape. I’ve found that the technology doesn’t work on me, and I’m sure you can see it in how baggy these jeans are around the knee and through the thigh. I think I could have actually taken a 28 instead of my usual 29. Crazy. …

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And then, the Sun

Dear Kelsey,

Happy Easter (if you observe). It was beautiful all day, but suddenly became cloudy during the early evening. I waited and waited… and there was a fantastic sunset! Windy, though. It’s been so terribly windy that I haven’t been wearing skirts. The secret to wearing a maxi dress on a windy day is to wear a slip under it. Helps a lot, even if it’s only knee length.

In other news, I have a mildly hilarious story– about death and Holy Week. My grandfather had been very ill this past week and died on Saturday morning. That’s obviously not the funny part. The funny part is that the priest told my family (in all seriousness) it was such a wonderful weekend to die. Well as far as weekends go, for those of the Roman Catholic Church this is definitely the best possible one to die during. Makes it no less amusing to me. Of course, I can be wildly improper so you may not find it as humorous as I did. Stress may be getting to me. …

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