Pink Trench and Pink Denim

Dear Mia,

So I think you should get pink pants, too. Extra points if they perfectly match your hair.

These are the DL1961 Emma Legging Jeans in Flamingo. I love that the color is called flamingo. They’re lightweight and the seam on the wasitband doesn’t rub my skin off. However, DL1961 jeans are supposed to have magical technology so they don’t sag, bag, or lose shape. I’ve found that the technology doesn’t work on me, and I’m sure you can see it in how baggy these jeans are around the knee and through the thigh. I think I could have actually taken a 28 instead of my usual 29. Crazy.

I got out my pink trench coat for the first time this season! It’s one of my all time favorites, but I just cannot fasten the top button any more. Guess I can’t ask for too much, though, because this coat was an early seventeenth birthday present. It is awkward to only button the last two buttons?


Coach trench coat (ancient) | I forget who makes the shirt | DL1961 Emma Legging Jeans in Flamingo (partially with a credit to from Bloggers Night Out) | Deena & Ozzy/Urban Outfitters heels (similar) | B Makowsky Tess Satchel (similar tote version) | Oscar de la Renta scarf (vintage)


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    Pink pants! Pink pants! I love these, and I particularly love them on you, baggy knees or no. I will keep an eye cast out for pink pants, although by the time I find some I will probably have changed my hair color. ;)

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    This is SO something I would wear.  In fact, I’ve been thinking about creating an outfit very similar to this, except I don’t have any red jeans to wear.  This magical technology sounds intriguing, but if it didn’t work for you, I don’t think it’d work for me, either.  Hmmph.  I’ll keep looking for the perfect pair of red denim.

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    I do love all pink!! I must wear my pink pants again soon.
    even though they are a little baggy and bunchy, these jeans do make your legs look so slim! And i hate the constant state of confusion I’m in over pants sizes. I recently have purchased sizes 4, 6, and 8 – all of which “FIT” but I’m just not sure which fits the best.
    And then I put my white shorts in the dryer because the tag claimed they could be tumbled dry on low and they definitely came out smaller. 

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      These are a super skinny 10″ at the ankle. I think 12″ actually looks better on me, but all the pants I seem to buy lately are 10″. I hate the constant confusion over sizes, period. I wish they would at least be consistent within brands, but I know that’s far too much to hope for. I only dry denim and cotton on low for 10 or 20 minutes to help the stretch, then they get pulled out and air dried. I hate clothes that shrink even more than inconsistent sizing. 

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      Disqus has been finicky lately, especially with the post button. Not sure why. I’m thinking of switching to WordPress native commenting, but that’s a project for a very free weekend, I think. 

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    Such a great colour – didn’t realize they were so vibrant until I went to the website, but they’re pretty. I too lways want it to stick to my a 2nd skin, but what are we going to do.

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      Actually the real color is closer to the one in these photos. The Shopbop color is a little lighter and in person they’re a little darker. I just wish pants wouldn’t get baggy at the knees! I think sagging there always looks worse than anywhere else.