On Fridays We Wear Black

Dear Caitlin,

So apparently bloggers get together and wear black to celebrate blogiversaries. Or maybe that’s only blogiversaries in New York? In any case, on Friday evening some members of the Blogger Social Club (Hope, Jamillah, Kim, Kristine (who has a blog but does not update it), Luz, Nnenna, and me) got together to celebrate Nnenna’s Two-Year Blogiversary for Star-Crossed Smile.

If you’d like to join our social club, email, tweet, leave a comment, etc. so I can let you know when we meet.

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Blogger Meetup: Simone East Village

Dear Lydia,

I know I definitely don’t have to tell you that blogger meetups are the best, right? We always have so much fun together. Kimberlee, Nnenna, Luz, Jamillah and I decided to try to have them every month. Since I’m a member of Connecticut Bloggers without actually living in Connecticut, you can totally be a member of our little untitled blogger group and come to our next party time meeting.

The non-crazies did not come outside and stand in the street for photos– which I may or may have not made Nnenna do… with promises to yell if any cars were coming, I swear. Somehow I didn’t get any photos of Luz, but all the photos in this post were taken by Luz, Nnenna, or me. …

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MomTrends + Tide Coldwater Party

I spent a steamy Wednesday evening on a rooftop in DUMBO. MomTrends and Tide Coldwater put together an intimate soirée for New York bloggers. I got the opportunity to connect with bloggers I’d never met before and learn about pomme and Brooklyn Industries, two local clothing retailers.

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