Blogger Meetup: Simone East Village

Dear Lydia,

I know I definitely don’t have to tell you that blogger meetups are the best, right? We always have so much fun together. Kimberlee, Nnenna, Luz, Jamillah and I decided to try to have them every month. Since I’m a member of Connecticut Bloggers without actually living in Connecticut, you can totally be a member of our little untitled blogger group and come to our next party time meeting.

The non-crazies did not come outside and stand in the street for photos– which I may or may have not made Nnenna do… with promises to yell if any cars were coming, I swear. Somehow I didn’t get any photos of Luz, but all the photos in this post were taken by Luz, Nnenna, or me.

Kimberlee’s fab bracelets.

Jamillah’s rings!

Nnenna’s leopard nails (and Cosmopolitan).

J.Crew cardigan | Sugarlips skirt (c/o) | Lulu*s bag 

Sugarlips Goldmember Dress (c/o) | J.Crew belt | Nine West sandals | necklace made by Dana Chin (more by Dana Walden)

These last two photos were of Nnenna and me were taken by Luz (thank you!!). Nnenna and I finally have decent photos that we’re both in– not the kind that were taken by holding out the camera with one arm, haha.

I can’t wait for the next meetup and I hope you’ll be in attendance, too!



  1. Mia says

    Ugh, you guys. You make me sick with how much fun you have and how cute you look. Stop it, stop it! (No, kidding. Don’t stop, never stop.)

  2. says

    OH EM GEEZE! Your pics came out so pretty! Really you girls looked so great that day I’m glad you took pics and risked your life out on the streets, lol. That last picture is my absolute fave.

    I hope we do get to make it once a month thanks for always spearheading our get togethers :).

  3. says

    Fun fun fun- we should absolutely make these a more regular thing! That was so nice of Luz to take pictures of us both- we finally have a good picture of us together :) Also, just realized how much my skirt matches the taxicab in that one picture above- that will probably be the title of my post :)

    • says

      Yes! So glad we have a legit photo :) I don’t know why our feet are so unsharp in the photos though. I have to check and see if it’s a problem with my autofocus. Hope not!

  4. says

    hehe, yes me too!
    I love that last photo of the two of you, it’s totally adorable. and i will absolutely want to take photos in the street. if that is considered crazy, than i am certifiable.

    That is such a fun dress (even thought it still would have been way more fun to be skirt twins) and i love your nude heels. So pretty!

    • says

      Photos in the street are the best. I just can’t do them myself because I might get hit by a car.

      Yes, I am sad that we are not skirt twins. Maybe in the future we will be something twins!