On Fridays We Wear Black

Dear Caitlin,

So apparently bloggers get together and wear black to celebrate blogiversaries. Or maybe that’s only blogiversaries in New York? In any case, on Friday evening some members of the Blogger Social Club (Hope, Jamillah, Kim, Kristine (who has a blog but does not update it), Luz, Nnenna, and me) got together to celebrate Nnenna’s Two-Year Blogiversary for Star-Crossed Smile.

If you’d like to join our social club, email, tweet, leave a comment, etc. so I can let you know when we meet.

Zara shirt (old) | Gap skirt (consignment) | blanking on the designer of the belt | MIA ankle boots (DSW.com) | B Makowsky Tess satchel

I only got this one photo of Hope with my camera before I switched to hers– Canon photographers unite! At least I can mostly work Canon. I still find Nikon settings slightly baffling.

I took a few photos inside, but it was very dark so they are not the greatest. I didn’t want to use my flash– it’s too bright and intrusive to use at dinner. Next time I will try my iPhone flash, which is less intense. One day we are going to get a big group outfit post photo, I swear. It took Nnenna and I months to get in a photo together, though, so it might actually be December before that group photo happens but it will happen.

It was Friday the 13th, so I made a creepy face, and Nnenna did… spirit fingers?

Maybe one day you can join us for a social club event? It would be great if you visited New York!


Photos by Hope, Nnenna, and me.


  1. Mia says

    Huh, I had no idea about the black for blogoversaries thing! I…probably completely failed at that, haha. You all look so stylish and chic, as per usual. Someday, if I ever make it to New York, I’ll have to look you guys up. :)

    • says

      I don’t think black for blogiversaries is an actual thing (well maybe in New York), but we all pretty much ended up wearing black. However… everyone wears black in New York all the time, so it’s not very much of a coincidence!
      If you come to New York and do not tell us I think we will probably never forgive you. So if you visit, you have to tell us. We’ll even meet you in a tourist area (gasp!) if you do!

  2. says

    Haha, so stereotypically New York that we were wearing all (or mostly) black! Everyone looked so nice and I had a wonderful time celebrating- I really did feel like it was my second birthday! Thanks again for the pictures- they look great to me :)

    P.S. I think I was mid-jig in the last picture? Who knows?! haha

    Also, what color lipstick are you wearing? It’s so great on you!

  3. says

    It would definitely be great if i visited new york.
    and you look fabulous here. i mean, you all look great, but i really love this on you. of course you are the master of all black, so no surprise you do it the best :)

    • says

      Yes yes, you’ve got to visit. We’ve got to think of a good time! I haven’t been wearing much black lately and started to feel totally odd. It’s be so hot though, so I feel like it’s been hard for me to pull anything together (let alone photograph it).