I Still See Your Bright Eyes, Bright Eyes

10.30.10 to 10.31.10 – Halloween 

Happy Halloween!  This is the second costume for Halloween 2010… and can I tell you that I was at a surprise 60th birthday party… in a biker bar… and it was a Mardi Gras party (but the invitation said masquerade, apparently that is the same thing out in the boonies)… and I was wearing this gypsy costume (about 2% of total guests were in costume).  I should have worn my leather and chains, I certainly have enough of those, but I didn’t know that it was going to be… yeah.  I just put on an extra layer of red lipstick.  

Do you like my Marie Antoinette-inspired mask?  I put it together in the afternoon with ribbons from A. C. Moore.  I didn’t really wear it at the birthday party, so I hope I get the change to go to a real masquerade sometime soon!  I didn’t wear it when I went out to party #2 later either.  When I got there gypsy was the next song they played after I walked in… hahhahahaha.  

Actually I quite like this skirt and I may wear it for real sometime!  

Thrifted blouse with lace, thrifted blouse with double collar, thrifted skirt, scarf from Dubrovnik, A. C. Moore leather ribbon belt, mask composed of ribbon from A. C. Moore, Frye boots.