On the Rocks at Sunset

Dear Kelsey,

Always a challenge to shoot directly into a sunset. I feel like I get it right about 50% of the time, and the other 50 is a complete disaster. Can barely see what I’m wearing, too. I promise you it’s all opaque black except for the wrapped and tied Francesca’s cardigan, which is a little sheer.

This is actually a dress from Talbots, which I got with a 40% coupon from Extra Petite (stacked on top of a 30% off clearance or something). The Talbots platform pumps are from the same order. They’ve got loads of colorful spring things, although sizing tends to be inconsistent and the wool quality definitely isn’t up to Ann Taylor or J.Crew. However, the fit-and-flare silhouette is something you don’t usually see in suiting dresses. And it’s one of my favorite cuts.

I’ve been wearing my usual Helmut Lang coat. Its days are definitely numbered now that it’s practically 70 degrees. The lifespan of my MIA boots is shortening, too, because I’m wearing through the soles. I should have gotten two! I’m going to have to find something to replace them soon. And oh look, it’s the faux-ostrich Merona bag again. Possibly the best Target find ever!



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      It’s fairly new, so it might be! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find it on Target.com, so it must be in-store only. But be warned– the handles are already coming apart after only three weeks. Should have saved the money towards a better bag!

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    Ah! That first picture blows me away. It looks like a book cover or something–I feel like there’s such a story there, and I just want to sit here and ponder it. You’re so inspiring, Alex!

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      It’s my favorite photo of the bunch (that’s why it’s first). I wish I could say there’s a great story behind it, but it was just me in the freezing cold park along with very few other brave people and people who had to be there because of their dogs. And I stood on the rick because I thought the background was better than when I was not standing on the rock, haha. 

      But if you’d like to make up a better story I’m definitely all for it. 

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      Thanks! it was a really brilliant sunset. I know you’re Emily, so I would have figured it out :) Disqus has been weird lately. I might try to switch to WordPress native commenting. 

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    you definitely captured that gorgeous sky so well here, and the bridge looks beautiful in the background.

    once it warms up, will you shed your layers of black?

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      They’ll probably go sheer. Although I was really serious about the all white wardrobe for summer. Seems like it would be really high maintenance though.
      My spring and summer clothes are much more colorful than winter, but I feel like very thing I wore last spring was dramatically underwhelming. I don’t know what to do this year though. Everything is so expensive and quality just seems to continue falling.