What Getting Lunch in DUMBO Looks Like

Dear Silvergirl,

When it rains in Vinegar Hill/DUMBO/Fulton Ferry, it’s serious. Because we’re directly on the water with no tall buildings for a shield. The wind will blow out your umbrella at least twice before you even make it to the corner.

But isn’t this view amazing? Look! I’m walking under the Manhattan Bridge!

There are cobblestones. How cute. I slip on them while holding my plaid umbrella and taking photos of my favorite building.

No one delivers in DUMBO, so I’m always going out to get lunch. Usually Almondine or Peas & Pickles if I don’t bring anything with me. And sometimes I go out for cookies.

I’m totally not fooling you, am I? You know I love cold weather. I don’t even mind the rain that much, but rain and wind can make for a very blustery combination. I love this view though– rain or shine.



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    Cookies for lunch? brilliant! :) After you tweeted about the Asians getting married in DUMBO, I did some research on that. Didn’t find anything worth a Nobel, but lots of very pretty photos! :)

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    Things look so beautiful in the rain, and those old brick buildings are no exception. It’s supposed to rain all week here, and although I’m not crazy about going out when it’s windy I love to stay in when it rains. Mmmph. I just want to take the week off work and cozy up on the couch.

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    doing a happy dance that your letter is to me
    i love NYC
    i wish i was there right now with you eating some of those delish cookies and looking at the fab scenery!!