Actually Under the Manhattan Bridge

Dear Caitlin,

Man Repelling like a champion, I know (at least that’s what my friend said one of the last times I wore this skirt). Obviously I still wear it anyway. It’s a crazy skirt, I know, but bloggers are totally obligated to wear crazy things, right? And I don’t really care if people stare at it… it’s a great statement piece.

This is under the Manhattan Bridge overpass that DUMBO is named for. There’s this story about how the neighborhood was really called Down Under the Manhattan Bridge, but New Yorkers added the Overpass because it made a better and less embarrassing acronym. I’m pretty positive it was the right choice.

I’m wearing my Simply Vera jacket, T by Alexander Wang cardigan (Nordstrom Rack!), Ann Taylor shell, Mink Pink skirt (won from Lulu*s at the inaugural BNO last September), and Born boots. I swear that I was going to take my black tote, but I forgot to switch out all the things in my bag the night before. Mornings get rushed sometimes.



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    I have been such a bad blogger friend lately! Schoolwork has been KILLING me, but spring break is coming!

    I totally agree with you – the skirt is crazy, but it’s a statement piece! Statement pieces were made for bloggers.

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    I laughed out loud in Panera at your comment about bloggers being obliged to wear crazy stuff. I feel exactly the same way sometimes. Love the skirt, even if it is a man repeller. – Katy

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    Yes!! I love the crazy leopard! And generally, if people are staring, that means a successful outfit. I love the Dumbo area- in another life I worked for a nonprofit in NYC that held concerts there….back when I was cool;) I would always work a show and grab pizza at Grimaldi’s.

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      So many awesome concerts take place here that I never know about until they’ve already happened :( Florence + the Machine played in one of the gutted buildings last fall. It must have been awesome. 

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    I have a skirt similar to that from Forever 21.  I haven’t worn it yet (it’s kind of hard to, you know?) but a few months ago, I found it on that WTForever21 site or whatever.  They totally bashed it, but I love it!  Just like I love yours!  Who needs men, anyway?

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      Yes, I know! This leopard maxi is one of my least frequently rotated pieces. I try not to wear the same thing with it all the time, but it almost always appears with a black top. 

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    I like the crazy leopard skirt – it’s just one of those fun pieces that you can wear every so often and feel like a super fashionista. In a few years, you might look back on these photos and wonder what the hell you were thinking…. but leave the groans for future Alex and enjoy the skirt today.