North of Thirty Fourth

Stylistically a little bit different than my usual appearance, right? That’s because I had a photographer and two other people yelling direction at me. I seldom find myself this far uptown as well. Different feel to the neighborhood.

These are my crazy friends who live north of 34th. Well, Shivani just visits. Her brother Bhavesh was my photographer, though normally he doesn’t take pictures of people. He’s also a doctor and looking for a nice Indian girl, so let me know if you are nice Indian girl and live in New York, okay?

I only did this pose by popular demand and felt like a huge idiot the entire time, but it was well-received… at least by my photo stylists. This is a relatively high-traffic neighborhood. Lots of people walking around outside the camera frame. I think there must not be too many bloggers in Murray Hill.

It was the weekend and I’ve been trying to be sort of weekendy on the weekends, so I wore my black J Brand jeans. You definitely recognize my Merona ostrich tote by now, and Simply Vera Vera Wang jacket, J Jill cardigan, Zara shirt, MIA boots, and Coach sunglasses. A lot of favorite pieces all worn together for the first time :)



  1. says

    Those background buildings are gorgeous.  Also yes, the over the shoulder is adorable.
    I’ve taken the ‘same’ photo a few time. It helps to pretend the camera is a cute boy that you are flirting with. ;)

  2. hayleybarnes26 says

    Love this outfit! It is really different but that is not a bad thing at all! I love seeing people out of their comfort zone :) also I love your hair!!

    Also, I am single and a girl (obviously) but I am not Indian and live a few thousand miles away from New York (near London) ;) shame! 

    HAPPY EASTER!Hailes<3 

    • says

      Oh no, London is too far :( though we do have family there (and by family I mean Shivani and Bhavesh, though I take sisterly responsibility over his love life). Happy Easter to you, too! 

  3. says

    Well I’m nice, and I’m a girl, and I’m single, but that’s all I got. darn.

    Now, what is this? Pants? You own pants?? I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen them before.

    And I agree, over the shoulder glance for the win.

    • says

      Sorry :( Bhavesh loves them, but the Italian girls never work out. I do own pants! Nnenna will tell you, I swear! I, too, and trying to avoid the dreaded tights. 

      I’ll try another over the shoulder again, but I feel like so dumb. 

  4. says

    Love the wedge shoes.  Different outfit than the usual…but change once in a while is good.  Either way you look fab – u – lous! The photos came out well though even tough you weren’t in your usual demographics.  To hell with them I say! Haven’t they seen an outfit post? lol
    I shouldn’t talk cause I can’t even get myself to do an outfit post in my backyard..bahaha!


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