New York Weekend

Dear Dotty,

Over the weekend my cousins came to visit and we did some touristy things. I usually only see the tree as I walk through on my way to Anthropologie. I don’t like the touristy areas of Manhattan… they aren’t really New York to me, although I did take a few good photos.

Then I took them to Flatiron, Union Square, and the East Village. They’d never been, which I can’t even imagine… they’re among my favorite neighborhoods in New York. I wanted to get them to Brooklyn as well, but there wasn’t time. Oh well, guess they’ll just have to visit again!

Do you have any fun holiday plans with friends or family?



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    The lights are just so pretty in the touristy areas… how can you avoid them?

    I’m so sad I wont be making it to the city before christmas!
    Although I don’t know what shoes I would wear… my toes haven’t healed yet from September.

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    dear alex, 
    i love wandering the city seeing the lights at christmas time, so this post is right up my alley!  and i am, once again, terribly impressed (slash jealous) of your night photography skills!

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    great pics and that skirt looks so cool you are wearing
    we wanted to go skiing over the holidays in West Virgina, only prob…
    there is no snow…on to plan B