i want to speak with a french accent.

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I do speak with a French accent.

In Arabic.

(French was my first foreign language.  Every new language I add starts out with a French accent.  And I was never able to drop it when speaking Arabic.)

Happy New Year/Valentine’s Day!!!

Kisses!  The second picture is what happens when: (a) you set your camera to burst, which takes a series of photos in a row but doesn’t alert you as to exactly when they are being taken (b) there’s two feet of slippery snow on the ground (c) you are trying to blow kisses at the camera for a Valentine’s Day photo.

Ralph Lauren blouse, Forever21 skirt, HUE tights, Arturo Chiang boots.

Not Looking

This is my best frame of the day :P  Yeah… bad, right? I can’t walk on the snow for photos in those shoes but I am tired of being limited to rubber-soled boots.  Snow removal is so bad this week for some reason!  There are still six inches on some of the streets and everywhere is covered in snow and ice.  There’s more snow here than the Olympics!

I think there’s something wrong with my camera too.  It refuses to focus.  I took about 25 in two different settings and they were all seriously out of focus — just big color blobs — except for three.  Don’t know what’s going on but I hope I don’t have to have it fixed/replaced!

Banana Republic cardigan, Alternative Apparel shirt, Forever21 skirt, L’eggs sheer stockings, Avoca Anthology (Ireland: avoca.ie) socks, Deena and Ozzy (Urban Outfitters) heels.

Red, White and Polka Dots

I really wanted to wear black patent platform sandals instead of my snow boots but there’s just too much ice and snow. It’s like everything suddenly shrunk: sidewalks are a fraction of their original size and roads have become one lane instead of two. This is the first time I’ve worn my new silver watch! It was on super sale at HauteLook for $12 last week.

Today at work everyone figured out I was on Chictopia (read: saw me reading comments) and demanded to see all my photos. I was really surprised that it was such big news, but I guess we haven’t had any excitement or received any non-monetary bribes/gifts in days. I also had to give a quick lecture on the importance of Alexander McQueen. I was going to wear my most inspired look today but after trying on at least 1/4 of the pieces in my closet I realized that nothing I could come up with would do him justice. McQueen was one of the first designers I followed and I’m sad that I don’t own any of his wonderful creations. I hear they’re selling out quickly so maybe I’ll look on net-a-porter right away!

Return of the Cape!

Despite the very large amount of snow (two feet?) it was not very cold today so I decided to break out the cape! I haven’t been able to wear it since about this time last month — it’s been far too cold! I had off from work again today! Everyone else in my office was in but almost everywhere in the area had off again. The snow plow didn’t come in my neighborhood until around 11 am for some reason so I guess we are just not high priority!

Yesterday my friends still at school participated in a 200+ person snowball fight. The YouTube video is crazy! So jealous!

Mossimo (Target) cape, Banana Republic shirt, American Apparel skirt, Target belt, H&M tights, Arturo Chiang boots.


I love black and white photography, and I like myself best in black and white.  Especially in the snow!  I think snow is always a good opportunity for black and white pictures — I’m not a very good photographer and snow makes getting a good contrast shot easy!!

I went out to play in the snow by myself and made a snow angel today!  It’s only been a few hours but it snowed so much that it’s already filled in.  Oh well, guess that  means I have to make another one tomorrow!  There’s at least 20 inches out there but I hoped for more… I’d really like to jump off the roof :)  Dangerous but fun, and I haven’t been able to do it since I was maybe twelve?  I love to go out in the snow because it doesn’t snow as heavily here as it used to — every few years there used to be a blizzard and a week off from school/work!  This is the most snow in probably about ten years!

Snowmageddon Strikes Again!

I haven’t had power for most of the afternoon — the snow is heavy, good for snowball fights!  But bad for power lines, and the electricity has been going on and off for several hours.  And it hasn’t even stopped snowing yet.  If you can see it snowing in any of the pictures… it’s the lightest it’s been falling since yesterday.


Slow day at work today and I got to leave an hour early.  Tomorrow I won’t be going at all and I’m really hoping to have a snowball fight!

Banana Republic sweater, Anthropologie scarf, Ann Taylor Loft skirt, Penneys tights, Mossimo (Target) boots.

The Vampire Alexandra

Winter pale + grey skin from lack of sleep = I am beginning to look undead.  I probably swallowed some blood today during my thirty minute nosebleed too. A bit too casual today maybe… I would just rather wear a suit or a dress.  Every day.

Anthropologie sweater, Anthropologie shirt, American Apparel skirt, Penneys tights, Michael Michael Kors wedges.

Déjà Vu: Modern Snow White

As soon as I saw the photos I developed a major case of déjà vu… where had I seen this before?  About an hour later it finally clicked… Snow White.  No, really.

Yellow, red, black, and I am so pale.  How scary is that?  Although I suspect I wouldn’t look so Snow White-ish if there wasn’t any snow on the ground.

Time for the Super Bowl!  Yes, I am wearing this to my Super Bowl party.  I thought about wearing jeans… for about three minutes.  But Snow White?  So much better.

Oh P.S. this outfit made it to Chictopia’s Style Gallery for about ten minutes.  Then the editors gave me the axe.  I didn’t think it was one of my best looks either :)

American Apparel dolman sleeve shirt, Anthropologie skirt, Target belt, Frye boots.