Why I Take Photos

sunset on the water

Flipping through some old photos from this year. I swear I’d forget my whole life if not for the photos I take…

I had a very good memory when I was younger, but these days it seems like I can only store a certain amount of things in my brain. When I reach that limit, other things start falling out or get overwritten.

I love keeping photos for the memories, and I feel lucky it’s so easy to do so with digital. I have thousands of photos from years ago, and I know where exactly none of them are because they were all taken on film. They were printed, shown around for a week, then boxed up and stored. Somewhere.

There are a bunch of photos from 2013 stored on this computer. It doesn’t seem like too long ago, but I had forgotten every single one until I saw them again.

Guess I should keep on taking photos. And possibly try to improve my memory.


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    That is an exquiste image! Keep taking photos ! I am so glad that digital photos can be kept so well, photos bring back memories better than anything, except for perhaps, the sense of smell. and you are gifted with your camera.

    Yes, the memory of a busy, must faceted person can be tricky, sometimes.

    XX, Elle

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    It’s funny, I started my blog so that I would take more photos, but at some point I forgot to take photos of things other than my outfits and looking back over the past year I wish there were more photographs that felt more like memories than documents.

    Chic on the Cheap

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      That happens to me, too. I try to take a photo or two on my phone every day to make up for it, and I’m always telling myself to carry one of my SLR cameras around.