Fall Flower Dress

I bought this dress at the height of summer, but with long sleeves it was a definite no-go until the days became cooler. I could see it possibly being an okay winter dress, too, but we’ll see.

Kim took these photos for me ages ago. I did mean to post them in September as sort of an early fall look, but it turns out that we’re well into fall and still having some late summer weather.

I had an usually large amount of blooper photos on this day… there are at least ten more with my hair in various states of getting in my face or sticking straight up. Sometimes I wear my hair in a braid when I’m traveling on the train and walking, and then I slip out the Twistband when I arrive at my destination. In this case, it was so windy that I left it in the braid. I am rarely photographed with my hair back, but it was a nice change.

flower dress blooper photo

Happy fall!

  • Madewell The Zip Transport Tote [current]
  • Ya Los Angeles dress
  • Cole Haan Air Tali Open Toe Wedge [sale!]


  1. says

    What a great dress! Very Van Gogh-y, and the dark background will totally work for winter if you choose to head in that direction. It hasn’t been SUPER cold here, and it’s going to be over 70 tomorrow, but I still FEEL cold. Every morning it’s harder to get out of my nice warm bed. BOO WINTER.