Fall Flower Dress

I bought this dress at the height of summer, but with long sleeves it was a definite no-go until the days became cooler. I could see it possibly being an okay winter dress, too, but we’ll see.

Kim took these photos for me ages ago. I did mean to post them in September as sort of an early fall look, but it turns out that we’re well into fall and still having some late summer weather.

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Dressed-Up Denim Shorts

Dressed up summer shorts outfit: blue lace blouse, j.crew sunflower necklace, relaxed fit shorts

I don’t wear shorts very often because I feel like they de-age me by about ten years, which is something that I’m actually trying to avoid. Anyone else have the problem of appearing too young? Generally I think it’s most problematic in the workplace (clients don’t take you seriously, you can have difficulty establishing authority, etc.), but it can just be a problem, period. I’ve even had cashiers in stores ask me if I wanted to use my mother’s rewards account for purchases. Oy.

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How to Wear A Summer Maxi Dress for Fall

How to wear a light summer maxi dress during fall | summer to fall transition outfit

Dear Shanondoah,

I don’t know about you, but I’m still holding on to some of my summer dresses. October? What? When did that happen? Luckily we’ve been having good fall weather. Most days I go out with a jacket but don’t actually wear it, which means I can definitely still get away with a chiffon maxi dress. Not all of my summer dresses are suitable for early fall, but this one has a season-neutral print in darker colors. Not so difficult to transition with a loose, dark sweater and burgundy bag.

My eyes are definitely only half-open in every photo. Sometimes you just have those weeks that completely wipe you out. Next time I’ll put on my matching red sunglasses.

How to wear a light summer maxi dress during fall

I love that this dress is split in the front. Makes taking long strides and walking up stairs a total breeze! Hope you have something fun planned for the weekend. I’m planning on sleeping in :)

Last of Summer Chambray

Wearing an eShakti vintage inspired chambray dress with Felix Rey belt and gold open toe shoes

Dear Chrissy,

This is the first and last time this season you’ll be seeing this chambray dress. I ordered it from eShakti in the spring. It’s served me well through early fall, but I personally feel that this particular chambray is too lightweight for winter. I don’t think it would be a great choice to wear with tights (the dress would stick to them) although it would work with a blazer and a fun scarf in a warmer climate.

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