Happy Halloweekend! + Neighborhood Decorations Tour

frida kahlo halloween costume

Boo! Happy Halloween! In keeping with tradition, I put together a costume from the contents of my closet. You may remember this one from last year– I’m Frida Kahlo. She’s a favorite of mine, and I’ve always found her work deeply thought-provoking.

In addition to my Frida outfit, I also took a short walking tour through the neighborhood. We have a lot of excellent decorations this year. Everyone went all-out!

frida kahlo halloween costume with flower crown

I made the flower crown last year. The flowers aren’t quite as fluffy, but I loved being able to use it again. I may even wear some of the flowers when it’s not Halloween.

I’m not very good with crafts and I wish I had seen this video about making tissue paper flowers last year! This blog post on how to make different kinds of flowers is great, too.

frida kahlo halloween costume

modern frida kahlo for halloween

This is my modern Frida look and what I wore on the street. It was cool today, so I needed the coat. People stared at me all day.

I tried to braid my hair, but it’s much shorter than this time last year and I couldn’t get a braid long enough to wrap over the top of my head. I alternated between hair down and hair in a bun, depending on if I was feeling cold.

  • Vintage leather coat [heirloom]
  • Vanessa Virginia / Anthropologie Mural maxi dress [past season]
  • Zara Studded Cowboy ankle boots [many seasons past]
  • LV Petite Noe [current]
  • Pashmina [?]
  • Vintage necklace [heirloom]
  • Paper flowers [handmade – see 20 different styles of paper flowers]

spider, web and ghouls decorating a house

The neighborhood took Halloween very seriously this year. Just how I like it. Halloween tends to be less-pressure than other holidays, so it’s always been one of my favorite times of the year. It also means Thanksgiving is soon, and I love Thanksgiving.

skeletons just hanging around - halloween decorations

These guys were are just hanging out.

halloween decorations outside the apothecary

Outside the apothecary.

skeleton dog in someone's yard for halloween

Wish my dog could come back for Halloween like the dog in Corpse Bride.

spider webs decorating a house for halloween

people trapped in an electronic spider's web - art installation

This is an art installation about the impact of digitalization on people.


This guy would totally freak me out on a dark, quiet night.

spiderwebs decorating a house for halloween

Have a safe and happy Halloweekend! I hope you get all the treats you want!


    • says

      It was actually surprising how many people did not know who I was… young people these days (ha!). I can totally do the 20th, hopefully we can make it happen!

  1. Elle berman says

    Alex, I love your modern Frida look! It is so her, and you too… I love it! Great job with the DIY crown, it looks great, even after a year! Loved the photos of the city decorations, that is so fun to see when walking! Have a great week ahead.!