Things You Didn’t Know: Winter Edition


Things You Didn’t Know is a new series on Delayed Missives. It will probably recur every month or so and the content will vary, but I’ll always reveal one fun fact about me. Today’s Things You Didn’t Know is about winter. 

Dear Silvergirl,

Not sure if this will come as a surprise to you, but I love winter. I’ve been a winter sports enthusiast my entire life. It all started with skiing when I was a young girl, and a little bit later I picked up figure skating. I am not able to ski as much as I once did (where do you put skis in New York??). However, I still enjoy a good black diamond slope. I’m also a huge fan of off-trail skiing. Not that I recommend that. I don’t. Unless you really know what you’re doing.

One of my biggest regrets is not competing when I was an active figure skater. I dream a little bit every time I watch skating during the Olympics. Of course, I wouldn’t have ever made it to that level of skating. But the juniors? With practice I could have done that.

Cardinal in a tree during a snowstorm L.L. Bean Shearling Lined Bean Boots IMG_5175

IMG_5197 IMG_5208 IMG_5213

It should come as no surprise that I also love snow. If there’s a snowstorm, there is no way that I will not be out in it. Probably making snow angels or just rolling around. Maybe with a camera. I really miss making snow forts like I did when I was younger, as well as the epic snowball wars. Do you like snow or do you think it’s a bit of a nuisance? I tend to think it’s a nuisance later on, but freshly fallen snow? The best.



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    I’m not a huge fan of winter – I like it in December, when it’s not deathly cold and still new enough that I’m excited about wearing my sweaters, but now, I’m totally over it. Snow used to be a lot more fun when I wasn’t responsible for shoveling it either!

    I think it’s great that you still enjoy the winter and the piles of snow and are dedicated to going out and taking outfit photos even when it’s freezing!

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    Coming from a whole family of hockey players I didn’t exactly have a choice in the matter of learning to ice skate but it was something I truly loved. I was in local on ice plays when I was 4 it was a ton of fun. It’s something I wish I would do more of as I haven’t been on ice skates in at least two years. I miss it!

    I love snow, but I really hate ice which was never something I thought about when I was younger of course. Trying to walk on ice now I just pray my feet don’t go over my head where when I was younger I just didn’t care haha. Love ice in a rink but otherwise it’s gotta go!

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    i love snow, but probably because i don’t get to see it that often (twice this year!!!). i’ve never skied. i’d rather be inside with hot chocolate reading, whilst watching the others ski. perfect for this clumsy girl.

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    I love love these pictures
    That is cool that you figure skated
    Growing up in Louisiana, we didn’t even have an ice rink
    I was 24 the first time I skated and yea…I pretty much sucked!

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    I like this new feature! I’ve skied maybe twice, and ice-skated maybe three times? I guess it’s not a big surprise that as a central Californian I didn’t really take to winter sports, but I didn’t really take to summer sports either, so here we are. These photos are gorgeous! I don’t think I could keep a smile on my face in the midst of so much snow.