Katya Leonovich Fall 2014

Black Dress with Silver Stars Katya Leonovich Fall 2014 | New York Fashion Week

In a departure from her usual mix of daywear and eveningwear, Katya Leonovich Fall 2014 consisted almost entirely of cocktail dresses and creative outerwear. In some ways, the collection was also sportier than in past seasons. I got the impression that the mood was very high-end après-ski, or maybe mountain resort vacation. Volume (some thankfully with a defined waist) and fabrics with metallic sheen lent a futuristic feel. I’ve been noting an outer space trend for fall, expressed here in the use of small silver stars sprinkled through the collection.

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Karolyn Pho Fall 2014


Karolyn Pho Fall 2014 is big on style but remains remarkably low-maintenance and no-fuss. Before the show, I went backstage and spoke with designer Karolyn Pho. She told me that this season is about the melding of two concepts: “the idea of something that is so ancient… and modern, futuristic, unknown.” To express this, she created silhouettes in unexpected fabrics– reflected most in the softly draped leather pieces and loose-fitting gold lamé dresses. I also spotted knit, satin, silk and silk organza in the collection.

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Parkchoonmoo Fall 2014

PARKCHOONMOO Fall 2014 | New York Fashion Week

PARKCHOONMOO is a great label for a woman who favors modern, minimal clothing and is a little bit avant-garde. Head-to-toe white is a strong trend this season, with PARKCHOONMOO even including several looks with white boots. Stylish outerwear will also be a Fall 2014 trend and the jackets did not disappoint. I noted some subtle colorblocking in the outerwear that I think I prefer to the loud colorblocking we’ve seen in the past few seasons.

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Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2014

Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2014 | New York Fashion Week

Menswear was a key inspiration at Rebecca Minkoff Fall 2014, where outerwear and slouchy silhouettes were shown on the runway. It looks like metallic fabrics will be a major trend this fall as I’ve been seeing them constantly this season. I am also pleased at the return of oxblood. As much as I love blue, oxblood is so flattering and adds a touch of warmth to fall and winter.

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Desigual Fall 2014

Ataui Deng at Desigual Fall 2014 Runway New York Fashion Week

Models literally danced down the runway at Desigual Fall 2014, waving and smiling at show attendees. Desigual is always one of the best shows of fashion week because the energy is great. I’ve spoken before on how I think that sometimes fashion is much too serious and that sometimes I think we take ourselves too seriously. Despite the serious — sometimes glaring — expressions of models during fashion week, Desigual continues to do their own thing and send out grinning, playful models. I often think that Desigual is one of the most accessible shows because I can often see a little bit of myself in the models and in the clothes. Many of the best ready-to-wear looks of fashion week are the ones that you can see and think “I know someone that would be perfect for” or “I would love to wear that on the weekend.”

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RAOUL Fall 2014 Presentation

Black, gold and a feather maxi skirt at RAOUL Fall 2014 Presentation

Monochrome, gold and texture were the dominant elements at RAOUL Fall 2014, where black and white continues to be a strong theme for fall. However, black (or navy) and gold appears to be gaining popularity as I have noticed a number of looks in that color scheme. Extra points for including a pattern, too. Collection standouts included a boxy coat with mohair trim and swingy patterned jacket.

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