Desigual Fall 2014

Ataui Deng at Desigual Fall 2014 Runway New York Fashion Week

Models literally danced down the runway at Desigual Fall 2014, waving and smiling at show attendees. Desigual is always one of the best shows of fashion week because the energy is great. I’ve spoken before on how I think that sometimes fashion is much too serious and that sometimes I think we take ourselves too seriously. Despite the serious — sometimes glaring — expressions of models during fashion week, Desigual continues to do their own thing and send out grinning, playful models. I often think that Desigual is one of the most accessible shows because I can often see a little bit of myself in the models and in the clothes. Many of the best ready-to-wear looks of fashion week are the ones that you can see and think “I know someone that would be perfect for” or “I would love to wear that on the weekend.”

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