Berry Park | Brooklyn Rooftop

frozen arnold palmer at berry park

Berry Park is a bar on a Brooklyn rooftop, in that area of Williamsburg that starts to blend into Greenpoint. Cocktails are solid and fries are salty and crispy. I recommend the frozen Arnold Palmer as an overall crowd-pleaser, but the Rosemary’s Berry (Hendrick’s, St. Germain, prosecco, etc.) was a surprise win and possibly the only cocktail I’ve ever liked that’s on the very sweet side. Maybe the rosemary helped cut the sugar of the other ingredients. …

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Swiss Dot Dress + J.Crew Sunflower Necklace | Outfits

blue cotton dress and stuart weitzman sandals

Dear Chrissy,

This feather light cotton dress is one of my favorites for hot, humid days. It’s really only appropriate for summer, so I try to get as much wear out of it as possible during the season. It helps that the color goes so great with just about anything, and that I can dress it up or down as long as the occasion isn’t too fancy. …

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The Last Warm Day

Dear Caitlin,

Union Square is one of my favorite places in New York. I know not all New Yorkers feel that way, but there’s just something about the area that seems so alive. And DSW and Forever 21 are there, of course. I’m always up for a good game of chicken with New York traffic, and the small side streets east of Union Square Park aren’t nearly as busy as the others. Easier to take photos in the street.

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Bloggers in Front of Brownstones

Dear Laura,

The majority of these houses are actually brick row homes, but Bloggers in Front of Brick Row Homes doesn’t sound quite as good as Bloggers in Front of Brownstones. Nnenna and Hope already wrote about our night of soirées, but I have a few additional photos from our evening. I looked everywhere for a photo of Hope’s pretty scarf, then I realized I took all those photos with her camera. You’ll just have to visit A Flattering Tale to see. …

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