Bloggers in Front of Brownstones

Dear Laura,

The majority of these houses are actually brick row homes, but Bloggers in Front of Brick Row Homes doesn’t sound quite as good as Bloggers in Front of Brownstones. Nnenna and Hope already wrote about our night of soirées, but I have a few additional photos from our evening. I looked everywhere for a photo of Hope’s pretty scarf, then I realized I took all those photos with her camera. You’ll just have to visit A Flattering Tale to see.

eShakti dress (giveaway prize on Glamamom!) | Tommy Hilfiger Espadrilles (thrifted) | B Makowsky Tess bag | wing ring (Dekalb Market) | Ippolita Wicked ring

This photo location is definitely among my favorites. I told Hope and Nnenna that we should buy a place on this street. We’d have a very nice area for photos. I’m sure the neighbors would get used to us eventually.

These are the Fabipops cake pops we sampled at Ayza Wine & Chocolate Bar before heading to Flying A to meet the Snapette team. Verdict: delicious and easy to eat. Fellow PR people take note that they are absolutely perfect for events. My personal favorite were the smores, but lemon raspberry was very good, too.



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      I swear we could do it, Hope’s husband = 4 hahahaha. We might have to rent part of it out, but it could be done. And like… maybe ten years from now. And I’d have to give up the dream of the house in the Hamptons.

      Maybe we’ve be better off with a vacation home in Connecticut. Then we could see Lydia all the time.

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    those kinds of bloggers are my favorite kind, in case you didn’t know.
    well done with the custom made dress, because it fits you perfectly and the cut in unbelievably flattering. you look so itty-bitty, you could have like 20 cake pops and you wouldn’t be able to tell.