Favorite Summer Hair Products for Beachy Waves

bumble and bumble surf spray, grooming creme, and surf shampoo and conditioner

Dear Nnenna,

My favorite way to style my hair during the hot and humid months is in slightly messy, beachy-looking waves. My curly hair is really a blessing because it’s fun to style and has good volume. However, during the summer that can definitely work against me. All that humidity is definitely frizz-inducing. Not a good thing, especially because I need my hair cut. It’s been since last September!

I’ve tried tons of hair products from really expensive to really inexpensive. My favorite summer hair products are both from Bumble and bumble, which tends to be on the more expensive side. I don’t mind the price, though. They last a long time and actually work, unlinke some other expensive products I’ve used.

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