Favorite Summer Hair Products for Beachy Waves

bumble and bumble surf spray, grooming creme, and surf shampoo and conditioner

Dear Nnenna,

My favorite way to style my hair during the hot and humid months is in slightly messy, beachy-looking waves. My curly hair is really a blessing because it’s fun to style and has good volume. However, during the summer that can definitely work against me. All that humidity is definitely frizz-inducing. Not a good thing, especially because I need my hair cut. It’s been since last September!

I’ve tried tons of hair products from really expensive to really inexpensive. My favorite summer hair products are both from Bumble and bumble, which tends to be on the more expensive side. I don’t mind the price, though. They last a long time and actually work, unlinke some other expensive products I’ve used.

Products used for styling beachy waves:

beachy waves after bumble and bumble surf spray

This is my hair post-Bumble and bumble Surf Spray. The spray creates great texture, but I don’t recommend it for everyday use unless you’re really into deep conditioning treatments. I find that if used every day, over time the Surf Spray can be drying.

Normally I would just style my hair with the Grooming Creme to tame frizz and define the waves, but with my hair so long and big right now I’m adding in a little extra styling.

t3 tourmaline curling iron

Enter my trusty T3 curling iron. This is an old model I got five or six years ago at Marshalls at a steep discount. It has a 3/4 barrel and can make very tight curls. I like mine a little looser, so I never use the clip and just wrap my hair around the outside of the barrel. If you decide to try this be very careful not to burn your fingers! I’ve been doing it for a while now, but if you’ve never tried before then you might want to try a heat protecting glove.

I like to curl the pieces closest to my face in an outward direction (I wrap the hair around the curling iron in the direction away from my face). It opens up your face if you do this with the pieces of hair that naturally frame it. I alternate curling hair towards my face with curling hair away from my face for the rest of my head. Alternating like that results in a more natural look than just curling all of my hair in one direction.

beachy waves and anthropologie mural maxi dress

The final product: slightly messy, beachy waves without the puff and frizz. I like to finish with the Grooming Creme after I’m done curling, though you can really add it in at any time. Grooming Creme is the best product I’ve ever used for taming frizz and flyaways. We used it on my friend for her outdoor wedding last July.

Last time I was at Sephora, I got samples of the Surf shampoo and conditioner at checkout. Both are great, but I don’t know if I would purchase the full size bottles. They’re $24+ each and I’m honestly happy with my Vidal Sassoon shampoo and conditioner (full size samples I got during fashion week!).

Do you have any favorite hair products to use during the summer? I’m always looking for great new products, so let me know if you have any recommendations!



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    I like the wavey hair look as well though I always struggle to get it looking right. My hair tends to look like I just got out of bed rather than sultry and cool. I will have to look out for these Bumble products you mentioned.

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    Thanks so much for your sweet words, they made my day!
    Thanks also for sharing your hair secrets – your hair is always perfect!

    Have a great day,