Some New Things After the Break

Dear Caitlin,

Sorry for the long, unexpected break, my friend. Been a bit busy lately– visitors, holidays, bridesmaid things… but things are settling down (so I think).

I got a new camera and took these photos with it. It’s the Sony Alpha Nex-5N mirrorless SLR. I have both the kit 18-55mm and 16mm lenses, which I’m experimenting with. This is the kit at 35mm, ƒ4.5. Performs wonderfully, though it needs a little tweaking with colors. They look a bit too saturated to me, so I’ll have to look into fixing that. There are just so many different settings for this camera. And of course, I refuse to read the manual. I don’t want to have to rely on the book and like to gain some real experience with the thing before I get obsessed with having control over all the settings.

Got some new things lately! This initial ring was a gift from Nnenna (thank you, my dear). It’s adjustable, so I’ve been remixing it onto different fingers every day.

This cuff is from a consignment store. One of their pricier jewelry items at $10. I also paid $4 for a Christian Dior necklace, authentic to my knowledge of vintage Dior jewelry.

The bag isn’t new, but I doubt you’ve seen it before. I’ve had it since I was nineteen (which is so long ago that I can’t even remember the proper style name, but the color is caramel). That’s so long ago that Marc Jacobs bags were it bags. There was a serious Balenciaga motorcycle craze at the time, too.

This is the bag I’m swapping to Laura in exchange for her black east west Marc by Marc Jacobs. Haven’t given it to her yet because I hadn’t dug it out of storage in Pennsylvania from moving in December yet. But I found it, and off it goes! Thought I’d carry it one last time before I swap it for a while, though.


Lush dress (Lulu*s Style Studio, Fashion Week F/W 2012) | LOFT belt (ancient) | Nine West sandals | Marc Jacobs bag | initial ring from Nnenna | vintage cuff


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    Alex, who reads manuals these days? :) I super love this dress with that belt! I need to find me a really long belt that I can loop around me several times.

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    I love everything about this outfit! The high-low hem is fantastic. I need to find a dress/skirt like that ASAP! And I can’t believe you found a vintage Dior necklace for $4! Please wear it soon!!

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      I really like the high-low style… perfect for New York because it keeps the backs of your legs covered when sitting on the train, bus, etc. The Dior isn’t one of their really fab, bold vintage pieces, just a delicate little thing. It needs an extender because the chain is so short it’s just shy of choking me, but I will try to wear it as soon as I get an extender :)