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    Oh, these are gorgeous. I read what you wrote about the High Line down below, and that’s such a neat idea! I used to hang around the (still-functioning) train tracks near my house as a kid because burrowing owls lived out there and sometimes I could get a peek of one. :)

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    I love your photos, Alex. Especially the ones of the tracks. Is that supposed to be some kind of attraction? They look like weeds to me. But I’ve an untrained eye for plants…

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    that billboard makes me laugh, and your leopard maxi looks sooooo good. i want to steal it.
    the high line seems like such an interesting space — it was like a highway turned public garden?

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      Yes, the billboard is hilarious, right? 

      The High Line is an old, elevated train track that goes through Chelsea and part of Midtown. I don’t think it’s actually been used for trains since like 1960, and a few years ago they converted it into a park. I mean, as parky as an elevated train track can be, haha. We can go there sometime. It’s really interesting. It’s not that far above the street but you barely feel like you’re in New York.