Monochromatic Textures

Dear Shen Dove,

Every. Winter. I tell myself that I’m going to wear this scarf more often. And of course it never happens, so this winter (really, I swear) it’s going to happen. This scarf is warm and cozy… and kind of obnoxiously large, but I like it. It deserves to be worn.

Last time I wore this scarf it was with grey and purple and Anthropologie. I guess I need to branch out! Color next time, for sure.

I’m wearing my J.Crew lady day coat, Anthropologie Plaited Illusion Cardi, Target dress (old- spring 2011), Betsey Johnson tights, and Born boots (brown). And these are new Anthropologie gloves, but they’re no longer available.


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  1. says

    Ooh, I just want to put my fingers in that scarf and scrunch it! I love obnoxiously huge scarves, which reminds me that I should handwash mine so I can patiently wait for it to be cold enough to wear it again!

  2. Anonymous says

    Love an obnoxiously loud scarf!  With the belted cardi, this look is gorgeous and cozy! (Not an easy combination to pull off :-)! 
    Just found your blog and love it…:-)
    XO – Marion

  3. says

    This is my favorite outfit of yours to date!  The cardigan is gorgeous, love the belt, and also the dress.  I love thick scarves as well but sometimes ones that are this thick can be hard to wear over a coat…

  4. says

    Alex, that scarf id adorable. I have a really huge and puffy one that I keep on telling myself I should wear more, too, but I have been bad and haven’t dug it out of winter storage yet…

  5. says

    I really like big scarves and I love the texture of this one. Like we talked about, I’m going to try and wear some of my other scarves (and not just the black one) too, starting tomorrow! Maybe! haha :)

  6. Skinny Moonstick says

    I adore this look! It’s classy and the layering is lovely! The scarf is a true treasure, glad you wear it, and you should definitely wear it more often :)
    Good luck!