How To Take Nonchalant Outfit Photos

Last week, Mia told me she likes my facing-away from the camera photos. So this week I give you Three Easy Poses for Not Facing the Camera:

(1) Your basic stand there and ponder the shrubbery. Resist the urge to turn around! Actually ponder the shrubbery if it helps. And remember to relax and drop your shoulders.

(2) The angle. Position yourself at a slight angle with one shoulder closer to the camera. Good for close up photos of backs of dresses, shirts, etc. and of handbags.

(3) The sideways walking shot with a twist– instead of looking at the camera look down or look over the shoulder farthest from the camera. Don’t actually walk anywhere or your image may be out of focus. Just pretend.

If you try a pose from my silly little guide let me know!

I’m wearing my T by Alexander Wang jacket from the sample sale, LOFT belt, I forget who makes the dress, Coach bag (vintage), and MIA ankle boots (


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    A tutorial! It’s more than I could have ever asked for. You bet your boots that I’m going to be trying some of these poses out when I get home, Alex. You’re the shot-from-behind master! (Although that over-the-shoulder shot is cute as heck.)

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      They are! Insets at the ball of the foot help a lot though, there’s actually no cushioning otherwise. They rub against the back of my legs a bit too but I fixed that with band aids stuck to the inside of the shoe.