Happy Independence Day!

Dear Mia,

Happy Independence Day! I know, I haven’t been around much. I’ve been without internet for part of the week and I’m getting ready to be a bridesmaid in just a few days… it feels strange for my friends to be married. I did a hair and makeup test with the bride this morning and learned that my hair is definitely still too short for hot rollers. It was somewhere between hugely puffy and completely out of control.

In a few days things will be business as usual and I’ll be reading blogs regularly again. Until then!



  1. Mia says

    Hahaha–obviously I haven’t been around much either, and I don’t even have bridesmaid duties to account for my absence. Aaaaanyway, you look lovely and floaty in this dress! I don’t have any advice re: hot rollers since it’s been eons since I’ve had enough hair to roll, but I’m sure you’ve figured something out by now anyway, haha.

  2. Glamamom says

    Alex you look gorgeous. As always, I love it all. Hope you had a great holiday and had fun at your friend’s wedding! Pics pls!

    • says

      I used the Conair travel set, which only has five rollers I think. I do have a proper set but can’t find them! Part of the problem is that my hair is also really big– it has a slight natural curl and can get puffy just on its own.

  3. says

    Oh Alex, I think your hair is lovely! It’s not too short for rollers, they’re just too big for your hair! And I really love this dress on you. It’s gorgeous.