From A Long Time Ago

These photos are from like two weeks ago. I occasionally do some personal shopping for my friends and I was on my way to help my friend acquire silver sandals and a clutch for her brother’s wedding. I was in the middle of a bout of insomnia, didn’t eat, and was mildly dead all day. However, we did finally find some shoes (Nina) but no bag (she’ll borrow one of mine). And then we went to Panera for an early dinner because my friend was hungry… soup in a bread bowl fixes everything!

I got these sandals recently. They’re Clarks and supposed to be confortable… yeah. They don’t cut it in New York, and I was expecting much better quality from Clarks as well.  The last pair I got in Japan are fantastic. I think they sell better shoes in the UK and overseas… for some reason the U.S. is just low priority? Oh well, they’re not too bad– good for about two hours of standing. I’m still on the search for some really comfortable sandals though.

J.Crew shirt, Odille/Anthropologie skirt, Charlotte Russe belt, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Clarks sandals.


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      Yeah I’m disappointed in them :( I might get these in cream from Piperlime,
      I tried them on in the grey color at the Clarks store but they looked really
      bad against my skin. And the sales associate said they didn’t come in any
      other colors but they definitely do.

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    Too bad the Clarks aren’t working out so well. They look cute with the outfit, at least! The diamond shape on the front sort of echoes with the shapes in the belt. And the red+mauve coloring is great, and not something I would think of.

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    I’ve yet to own a pair of shoes that doesn’t bother my feet after a day of walking/standing.
    I’ve already gotten so many blisters this summer, it’s awful… but at some point I realized even the shoes meant to be comfortable aren’t that comfortable and if I’m going to be in pain, I might as well look cute.