Black and Blue on the Pier

I’ve started a new internship in Vinegar Hill, minutes from DUMBO and Brooklyn Bridge Park. I can’t not take advantage of the great background for photos, which is why so many of my photos lately have been taken in this area. The great part is that I don’t always have to carry my tripod. The big steps by the carousel and the playground are the perfect height to put a camera on (as long as it’s not in the path of any children playing tag).

When the weather’s been nice, it’s been incredible. Sunny, warm, and mild enough for just my faux-shearling jacket on this particular day. But when it storms… it seriously storms. The one huge disadvantage of being directly on the water. There’s not even a chance for photos when it’s stormy.

I’m wearing my Simply Vera jacket, xhilaration/Target shirt, J Brand jeans, LOFT belt, Martine’s Dream scarf (Brooklyn Flea), and MIA ankle boots. This Target bag is still going with me everywhere. I’m thinking I should have gotten the neutral color as well, but unfortunately it’s not available online.



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      I love this area for photos, although the other side is even better! Unfortunately people tend to hang out there because it’s the better view, so I haven’t been able to get any photos there yet. 

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      Probably because it was like 2pm and so blindingly sunny I couldn’t take off my sunglasses, haha. You can always tell what time of the day I’m taking photos by the sunglasses. It was a particularly nice day :)