Alexander Wang Dress and Studs at Lincoln Center

Dear Silvergirl,

I did not get photographed by any photographers, unless it was very stealthily. This is the full outfit from this post with all my blogger friends. I just keep on wearing this dress. Everyone has probably seen it about fifty times, so I try to keep it interesting. This season I modified it a little and gave it one sort-of sleeve, but it’s the same favorite Alexander Wang dress from Sun Showers, Waterfront Sunset, and Going South for the Winter. I wear it so much that it’s getting faded, so I guess I should get some of the dark Woolite detergent.

Alexander Wang dress (way past season, but currently available at YOOX!) | Zara bag and boots | Ippolita earrings and ring | by boe bracelet | photos: Nnenna

I think I lost six pounds during NYFW, and I definitely didn’t realize until the end of it. This dress is made of a slinky black jersey, but it’s hanging on me much more than usual. Seriously, no one sleeps during fashion week, and there’s only time for one meal per day– preferably Thai or Chinese at 10pm with your friends.