What to do with my Gift Card?

Wishes: Coach Fall 2012

Dear Lydia,

I desperately need your help with something! I’ve had a Coach gift card since last December and I’m thinking it’s about time I spend it (though I’ve also been holding on to it in anticipation of this collection). Problem is… I don’t know what to get!

I was just in the store with the intent looking up some of these lovelies, but I didn’t see anything other than the trench and a bag. I find Coach sales associates to be very pushy and intrusive no matter what store, state, or country I’m in, so I ended up running out of there after feeling like a third person was going to come up to me and push something on me.

I prefer Coach.com, but there’s really no substitute for checking proportions and quality in person. I absolutely dread going into Coach stores. I won’t even go in to see a new collection any more because I can’t even actually see it– all I end up with is people pushing things at me and saying buy this one! buy this one!

I already had a $358 bag pushed on me earlier this summer.

I returned it the next day.

Have you ever had a good experience at a Coach store? I don’t think I have since the company rebranded, so… basically not since I was about fourteen.




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    Love the boots, brown watch and trench. That is too bad you’ve had such negative experiences. I’ve never had a bad one there, but can’t say I’ve been in a Coach store in a long time.

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    I like the boots best. I think you’d get the most out of your money if you bought those. Think of how cute they’d look with so many of your all-black outfits!!!

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    I love the legacy collection! I will say, I haven’t been in a Coach store in a while…but I hate pushy salespeople. I worked retail forever, so I feel like I get especially annoyed with either pushy or apathetic salespeople. :)

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    Haha, I can’t say I’ve ever really shopped at Coach, but maybe next time I see one I’ll stop in and see how it goes. (of course, I do horrible with high pressure sales tactics; hello $200 hair straighter I did not want to buy)

    So the red bag is SO striking, and definitely unlike anything you’ve got, but the booties would be very cute and functional.

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      Yes, go in and see if they do the same thing! But I’m positive they will. Every Coach store I go to is the same. Mixed media is going to be big for fall, so I do love the red. Ahhh decisions!

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    I say the trench or that black bag at the bottom! I also really loved their collection from last year I think? (coach classics, or something like that…)