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I haven’t been taking many photos lately, but I have stepped up my selfie game. It’s been a cold October, so for the fall wedding of the weekend I wore a wool coat over my dress. I almost wore boots under the dress. It was cold enough that it would have been a good idea.

Here’s to a balmy fall! I’d love to have a few more sunny days before the chill begins to set in.


IMG_5172-Edit-Edit IMG_0079 fall wedding pumpkin centerpiece with purple and white flowers IMG_4992 almond croissant UMCU1245 vintage ysl sandals IMG_0101 outdoor fall wedding





  1. says

    Oh man, what a gorgeous wedding! And what a gorgeous you! I keep meaning to ask–and also keep forgetting, which probably means you’re already booked up anyway–but will you be around in NYC and available to say hey sometime between the 24th-27th or the 30th? Email me if so at figwiggin at gmail!

      • says

        We’re probably leaving for Philadelphia midday on the 27th, but the evening of the 26th would be great! I had tentative plans to meet up with some local Twitter friends for dinner and/or drinks, if you don’t mind other people being there. (No place picked yet, if you have a suggestion!)

          • says

            I’ve never been, so–all of it! I really don’t know, haha. I’m happy to go wherever so long as I can see friends and have good food. Can I rope you into a DM discussion about this on Twitter?

  2. Elle berman says

    Sorry the box ate my last sentence . Mean thing ! Turns out we did get the warmer days you asked for, ah the luck from table 11 ! Let’s hope it stays a bit..
    Xx, Elle

  3. Elle berman says

    Love the cobalt coat over that fabulous maxi. You look beautiful , and the backdrop is perfect too. Great shots of the wedding and I loved the last 3 selfies, girls having. Fun !