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alice an moma cow wall

Dear Caitlin,

This is my pretty friend Alice– fellow blogger, YouTube star and founder of Candifiend Studio. I recently shot on location for her for We Wear Things… at the MoMA Education Center. Isn’t the cow wall great? I usually only work outside, but it was a very gloomy day and an indoor shoot was a must.

Sorry about the un-blog commenting this week. My teeth hurt so much from Invisalign right now that I basically can’t even see straight. I thought I was going to throw up earlier.

Must start googling ways to relieve a massive pressure headache. I don’t think wine split with roommates counts as a regular option.

Have a fantastic weekend!



  1. says

    What a gorgeous photo, I love the wall so much!
    Yes, I do go horse riding several times a week as I take care of a horse whose owner is quite busy!

    Have a fantastic weekend,

  2. says

    Bummer about the pain, lady. :( I hope it gets better soon!

    My favorite part of that photo is the bolts (or whatever) securing the rail to the glass. It makes the upper-center cow look a little…intense.