Thoughts That I Know Too Well

Yes, I recently wore this dress and here I am wearing it again. This time to a sort-of-but-not-really-fancy-dinner to celebrate my friend’s little brother’s graduation. We all went out and ate a lot of steak, and then I had tea for dessert to try to help digest the crazy meal.

I’m wearing nude shoes again and the same belt… at some point I’ll try some new accessories. Suggestions? I expect this dress will be showing up a lot during the summer.  It’s light and breezy, although it would be even better in silk! I don’t think that would ever happen though, Charlotte Russe wouldn’t be able to make it cost effective.

Charlotte Russe dress, LOFT belt, Nine West sandals (currently on sale at in very select sizes), Rebecca Minkoff bag, ken + dana ring.


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      Well I did toss it on my bed today… I’m making more of an effort to get my bags into photos since I always carry one, and it’s pretty much been the RM for the past two weeks! 

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    If it works. I feel like that is something I’ve been writing in comments a lot lately – I guess it means more people are trying to embrace a simpler summer style and are happy to keep reaching for the same pieces – if it looked awesome last weekend, why not this weekend too?

    As for accessories… I’m sure some oranges/reds would go well with the mix of browns and GOLD I would absolutely wear lots of gold.

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      I’ve definitely worn this dress again since these photos as well.  To a wedding,  so I’m definitely getting my $20 out of it.  Yeah I wish I had some gold shoes!  I have flats and champagney sandals, but nothing really good :( Orange would be amazing too, I would love that and didn’t think of it!  Thanks for the suggestions :)