black and white striped midi skirt

Normally I dress for ease of walking/moving during fashion week, but I always think it’s fun to choose a look or two to be as dramatic as possible.

This is my ease of walking/moving outfit. What? You thought it was the dramatic one?

I kid, I kid. This was the one picked for both comfort and drama. Comfort because it was forecast to rain (and it did), and drama just because… well, it was fun. It’s been cooler in New York, and I really wanted to start wearing fall fashion. Some rain boots and a longer, structured skirt gave me a mental fashion refresh. I feel less stuck in an end-of-summer style lag and totally ready for a new season. Fall is my favorite season in New York, after all.

black and white striped midi skirt

I have had endless debates with myself over whether or not to shorten this skirt. It’s about a size too big and I believe it was made for someone six inches taller. Midi is a difficult length for me, and 3-4 inches shorter might make this skirt a little less dramatic and overwhelming.

But then again, it’s the best constructed garment I own and a great vintage piece. Altering it even a bit just doesn’t seem right.

I guess I’ll be keeping up the debates.

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    I’d say the length looks really stylish! (You’d probably know more about that than I would, but I could totally see it plus those boots on a street style blog.)

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    ALEX– that skirt is amazing! I think it looks so good on you no alterations needed! I think the length is perf and makes it stand out. You look like a super edgy Wednesday Addams!