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  fashion blogger in a vintage inspired eshakti yellow sailboat dress and ankle boots

Dear Katha,

eShakti asked me to choose one of their lovely spring designs and customize it to a style of my choice. 

I loved this dress with embroidered sailboats. It was originally shown as strapless, but I ordered it in a halter style. I have broad shoulders and have never loved the way strapless dresses look on me as they tend to throw of the balance of my outfit. I’m so glad eShakti offers custom styling because otherwise I would have had to pass this pretty sundress up.

Custom styling is offered for many pieces and is available with both standard size (0-36W) and custom size orders. My favorite part about custom styling is the ability to change a neckline or sleeve. I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I’m actually a rather modest dresser– I tend to favor sleeves when possible and I don’t like to wear very short dresses or skirts any more. All of my eShakti pieces are also custom size, which is an option I highly recommend. You can get something proportional and with a hemline that’s the correct length for only an extra $7.50. No trip to the tailor required.

One of the best parts about this dress? It has pockets. I love pockets. But if you don’t love pockets, you can have a piece made without them.

Interested in seeing more of eShakti’s lovely creations? View them here.


Disclosure: I received this dress c/o eShakti. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. says

    Super gorgeous dress, I just stumbled upon your blog today and it is quickly becoming one of my favorites! I’m super excited about finding out about this company this morning (which is how I found your fabulous blog) plus they have a memorial day sale this weekend! What could be better?!

    -Chrissy of

  2. says

    I could tell immediately the dress was e-Shakti. I’m a big fan of customization and their designs are so cute. I love the mustard color on you. I like a pocket too :)

  3. Lili says

    Wow, I love the idea behind eShakti! I often wish dresses had different sleeves or hemlines. And that dress is super cute!

  4. says

    Cute cute cute! I’m having a moment over how your necklace looks like an extra button. Plus, I need some grellow in my future, stat. (Grellow is such an ugly made-up word, isn’t it? Instead of gray+yellow it sounds puke-greeny. I guess yray? yay? Isn’t much better.)