On Christmas

December 25, 2011
Dear Mia,

Merry Christmas! So I got a new lens, but I’m still obviously adjusting to it because none of my photos are properly focused. I don’t think I can shoot wide open at ƒ1.4 unless I’m holding the camera. The bokeh is completely amazing though, I’m really enjoying it.

I walked down to the lake with my cousin and her dog to take photos. I tried, but Max didn’t want to pose with me and kept running away. It started to rain while we were out there, too, but I was so far from the house that I kept taking photos because I was definitely getting rained on anyway.

Of course, it stopped as soon as I got inside.

I’m wearing my vintage Betsey Johnson dress, Helmut Lang coat (Christmas gift!), Target belt, Assets by Sara Blakely tights, and Stuart Weitzman shoes.

Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday!



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    Ay, I missed this at Christmas because I was off on my Mexico jaunt! Merry belated Christmas to you too! I raise a cup of spiced cider in your name.  (I’ll be drinking this stuff until it’s June.)

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    what a cute and pesty doggie!
    chloe never really wants to pose with me either, haha.

    I shoot wide open all the time. just take a lot more frames to compensate for the inevitable out of focus ones (which will always end up being the best ones. how much longer until photoshop unblur??)

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      At least you sort of get Chloe into photos. Max completely ran away at some point and we had to traipse through the woods and get him. I’m shooting at ƒ2.0 currently but I’ll have to try 1.4 again. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it sometime but 50mm is a huge adjustment from shooting for a year with my 35.