Leopard Dress and a Bucket List Cross Off

Dear Katha,

I don’t have an official New York bucket list– although I think I should definitely make one so I don’t forget anything. I’ve been wanting to go to Penelope for the longest time, and I finally did! Penelope doesn’t take reservations so it can be practically impossible to get in. Early dinner was a good time to go. I had the fish and chips, which were totally amazing. The brunch menu looks excellent, too, but I’ve heard the wait can be more than an hour. Way too long for me.

I love exploring new places– do you have any recommendations for things to do in New York?

Looking out the window at Penelope (top) and a snap from around the neighborhood (bottom).


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  1. Mia says

    Any time someone starts talking about fancy, hard-to-get-into restaurants, I immediately and without fail think of American Psycho. “Why aren’t we at Dorsia?” I guess that doesn’t reflect too well on me, though. You dress much more nicely than Patrick Bateman!

  2. bravoerunway says

    Alex, I love this dress! I’ve not been to NYC in over 5 years but these photos are really tempting me to make a trip :)

  3. Tinfoil Tiaras says

    Wow what a fab leopard print dress- I just love the pink belt with it too! I love discovering new restaurants esp when they are chi chi and hard to get into!

  4. says

    Love the dress, and good for you for crossing something off your bucket list.
    (i need to work on mine, in every respect)
    glad the restaurant lived up to the hype!

  5. says

    what a cute little dress! I agree with having a bucket list…at least for the town that you live in…because sometimes we don’t really get to go experience everything the city/town that we live in!!

    • says

      I just have to sit down and write it out! I’m constantly forgetting about things. Also, I want to write my sartorial bucket list as well. It’s basically aspirational at this point, but I can dream!