First Impressions | Intel 2 in 1 Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series Review

Intel 2 in 1 Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series Review

As part of the Intel 2 in 1 Smart Squad, I’m testing out an Intel 2 in 1 Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series tablet/computer. Full disclosure: I’ve never run a Windows 8 PC before and have no idea what I’m doing. It’s interesting and definitely has a very tablet home screen kind of feel to it as well.

I actually expected my Intel 2 in 1 to be smaller. It’s a good size and a good balance between tablet and computer. Would I want to develop software on it for 10 hours/day? Probably not, but it’s the perfect size for travel.

Upon startup in laptop configuration, the trackpad is set with natural scrolling, which corresponds to finger movement like on a touch screen. Since I’m old school, it was the first setting I changed. I’m probably the only one left, but there’s something about that kind of scrolling on a computer that bothers me.

And speaking of starting up my Intel 2 in 1, I’ve never been more glad to have hardware that comes with a manual. I couldn’t find the on button for the longest time and ended up looking it up. Turns out it’s near the corner on the thin right side of the 2 in 1.

Setup is brief, although I was prompted to update my software right away. I also took the time to install some of my favorite apps for tablet— Kindle and Fruit Ninja, clearly. I’m considering shelling out the $4.99 for Temple Run, too.

Intel 2 in 1 Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Series - folded to a tablet

As a tablet, I’m a fan of the large screen real estate. The colors are also excellent. However, I am concerned about my 2 in 1’s delicacy. It has a spinning hard drive and I can’t imagine flipping between tablet and laptop configurations while it’s running. I’m also hesitant to hold it at an angle.

Of course, how I’m most looking forward to using my Intel 2 in 1 is hacking the OS to run my free version of The Sims 2. I haven’t set aside time to do it yet and I definitely don’t want to crash the whole system, but it is totally happening. The Sims 2 is practically a classic.

Funny to think I’ve actually wanted one of these two-in-one tablet/computers since they came out in… the early 2000s? These modern ones are a lot sleeker, lighter and smaller than the full-size laptop originals. It was definitely worth the wait.

You can get a spec rundown of my 2 in 1 here and here.

Stay tuned for my next post on my Intel 2 in 1 (it’s a video!) coming up in September!

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    Wooo, look at that new header- I love it! For some reason, your new posts are not showing up showing up in my Feedly?

    I was going to say it’s been ages since I used a PC, but then I nearly forget that my work computer is a PC. I’ve never checked out one of these tablets though!

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      Yep, there’s totally something wrong with my Feedburner. I noticed it a few days ago but I have no idea what it could possibly be :P

      The tablet/computers are definitely cool. My biggest complaint with tablets is that they’re slow– can’t type fast enough on the touch screen!