Friends Under the Trees

I got another friend into photos with me! And we did typically silly things like staring up at the trees. She doesn’t have a blog or a twitter, but she does have two playful dogs.

Carrying my old Foley + Corinna again. I forgot how much this bag holds (currently my MacBook Air) and how useful it is. This is the first time I’ve worn my new(ish) leather skirt from Tokyo Joe, a really good consignment store in the East Village. It’s from Gap and judging by the quality and style I’d say it’s not recent, maybe from the early 2000s? Maybe earlier. I really forgot how unforgiving leather is… one large meal later and I feel like I can’t breathe.

I’m excited for Stranded Blogger on Wednesday (except it’s supposed to pour, oh no!). If you’re going and I don’t already know, please tell me!


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      Don’t know about you but it definitely poured for hours here :( Just checked the forecast again wishing for no rain tomorrow… and it’s definitely worse than before. Rain through Saturday? ugh.