Emerald Green and American Pastoral Fall 2013 Trends

Emerald green and American pastoral Fall 2013 trendson a fashion blogger during nyfw

Dear Kelsey,

I decided to try trendy for NYFW and ended up combining the emerald green and American pastoral Fall 2013 trends. Emerald green? Check. American pastoral? Could have been better. It ended up being a hot day and I just didn’t have the patience for layers and ruffles. I barely had patience for my boots and the heels aren’t even that high. Flats for fashion week!

Anthropologie vintage-inspired skirt and ZARA studded ankle boots on a fashion blogger during nyfw

An outfit full of fall 2013 fashion trends: emerald green and American pastoral

   Trendy fall 2013 outfit: emerald green and American pastoral style Anthropologie skirt

This top is actually from quite a while ago… so long that it’s come back into style! I’d actually keep this shirt even if it wasn’t on-trend though. I love the color so much and it’s very versatile.

Happy fall!



  1. says

    love love love this look..whatever you want to call it..or not call it..its FABULOUS!
    and thank you for continuing to connect me…I REALLY appreciate that and have loved the relationships I have made thus far.
    All the best to you..hope you are enjoying the cool weather shift as much as I am!

  2. says

    I think this look is very cute, and emerald and navy are a nice combo… I feel like it’s one I’ll be seeing more of in the future. The booties with the studded backs are just awesome too.

    • says

      Yeah I’m not sure the American pastoral thing worked out that well. I have a feeling my lace-up Frye boots would have been better, but those things are high and were so not happening.

      I swear, flats will improve your stamina so much over the week. I feel so much less tired when I wear them for fashion week. Only problem is I’m short– I get better photos in heels!