A Little Bit Dark

7.22.2010 ~ Thursday

I doubt anyone would be able to guess it but I actually have a fairly intense goth streak.  Well not as much now, however I used to wear tons of black (still do at times) and most of the year I’m really pale… so it would totally work out for me.  I’m really serious (you probably don’t believe me but I would buy the entire Rick Owens and Yohji Yamamoto collections every season if I could) I used to wear black and ribbons and lace and crazy things all the time, I swear.  I’m actually starting to move toward that again, although I’m favoring black and studs… okay, I know you totally think I’m making it up so I’ll just have to start digging up old photos.  If I could just find senior prom photos… the dress is a gothic minimalist black lace tour de force!

Free People dress, Sofft platforms, b-side bracelet.  

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