Tea Time


It’s March, so of course I’m just getting around to drinking my Christmas tea blend. Might have something to do with those moving boxes, etc. visible in the background, but even so– March. Christmas tea. Seems about on schedule.


I’ve always liked loose leaf tea, so I made sure to schedule time for a trip to Harrods when I was in London last year. Not that you can’t get great tea at home, but there’s something about a good blend from Harrods that seems a little special.

Harrods tea tins always remind me of past travels. I’ve been to London twice, and the previous (and first) time, my friends and I took a $20 taxi to Harrods on a free afternoon. This was a time before smart phones, and we were sixteen. None of us would have been sensible enough to carry a map or try the tube. In hindsight, the taxi was probably about the same as tube fare for four anyway.

We wandered the fashion and food sections for a while, and eventually I purchased a tin of lemon-flavored black tea and a tin of Earl Grey. To this day, I remember the taste of the lemon tea and look back on that trip fondly.




Harrods Christmas Spice Tea with lemon in a C Wonder cup

Perfect. I still like my black tea with lemon and I occasionally take a spoonful of honey as well.

Happy spring! Let’s hope for no more snow. Even if I am still drinking my Christmas blend.


  1. elle says

    I do love this funny and touching post. The pictures are beautiful and I can well imagine an aromatic tea from Harrods. I think there should be a little Christmas in every day. And I also think that taking time out of your day to enjoy such a pleasurable routine is so important.
    Thanks so much for sharing this!
    Xx, elle