Coffee Tasting with Craft Coffee

A little over a week ago I attended a Saturday morning coffee tasting with The Bloggers’ Collective and Craft Coffee. I’m definitely a little bit of a coffee fiend and treated the tasting about the same as a wine tasting– observe color, sniff, taste. Craft Coffee sources beans from all over the world and taste tests more than fifty varieties per month. Only three of those make it into their monthly subscription boxes, which are available for $24.99/month (sort of like the coffee version of Birchbox).

I tasted all three of the November offerings, and all were truly excellent and incredibly fresh. None of Craft Coffee’s coffees were bitter or overly acidic. I think they would be perfect for making bulletproof coffee (you know, the coffee with butter in it), which I’ve been meaning to try. I love espresso even more than coffee and am also curious about how the flavor of Craft Coffee beans hold up in cappuccino. Everyone at the tasting left with a complimentary sample, so I’ll definitely be trying out an espresso grind with some of my beans.

What Would Ashley Wear? and kitschy examining the coffee.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post was but was gifted a sample upon completing the tasting.