Long Spring Weekend

purple and white spring flowers

The weather finally seems to be taking a turn for the better in the Northeast. I hope you had a good weekend and got outside for a bit of sunshine. It felt good to open all the windows and let the light flood in.

Winter has been unusually long. I think the extreme weather contributed to my general feelings of malaise– I even caught a cold, which I don’t think has happened in fifteen years.

I’m glad to see a few signs of spring.

Fluffy white dog lying on a blanket on a pale grey couch.

I had a fluffy visitor for an afternoon.

The over 21 Easter basket. Includes Glenfidditch, red wine, Cadybury mini eggs and Peeps.

I suppose this is what an Easter basket looks like when you get closer to thirty.

Roasted vegetables on a baking sheet.

I cooked. A bit. Roasted vegetables with olive oil and a few spices are a good, relatively easy side dish.

Easter dinner.

These napkins are family heirlooms. I believe my grandmother or great-grandmother embroidered them. They’re my favorite warm-weather, slightly fancy napkins.


  1. says

    My “Easter basket” was a LOFT gift card from momma. My nephews were like “why don’t you have a basket” and I’m like “the bunny doesn’t come after a certain age” lol